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Social Media Website - Twitter for Everyone

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I hope you may have learned Google - Smart Search through our first post

There may be a lot more to know about Google and search engine...

Social Media
Today, we will find something about Social media

why because
 Internet users around the world is 2.4 billion (as per recent report)
 Social media users around the world is 1.47 billion(after evolution of social sites)
 Social networking sites has a rapid growth since its evolution.

Firstly, I would like to share about twitter(My most preferable networking site than facebook, let me tell the reason in upcoming posts) - Must Known Search Features

Yep... my first post here it comes.....
A common internet user can use Google as simple search engine for his/her queries to be rectified. Those queries are his/her own composition with out the knowledge of Google's ability. We ever know Google can return(smart) results if we are smart enough to search. Here I have tried to show case few Google features/Products for Smart Searches. Before getting into the topic few general facts are depicted here..
As we know Google is one of the top best search engine, founded by Larry Page & Sergey Bin, head quarters located in Mountain View, California.
Google retains the No.1 Search Engine position followed by Bing & Yahoo.

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