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Yep... my first post here it comes.....

A common internet user can use Google as simple search engine for his/her queries to be rectified. Those queries are his/her own composition with out the knowledge of Google's ability. We ever know Google can return(smart) results if we are smart enough to search. Here I have tried to show case few Google features/Products for Smart Searches. Before getting into the topic few general facts are depicted here..

As we know Google is one of the top best search engine, founded by Larry Page & Sergey Bin, head quarters located in Mountain View, California.

Google retains the No.1 Search Engine position followed by Bing & Yahoo.

Google Products

Most known features apart from Search Engine are:
  • Blog
  • Business Products like Google Places
  • Translator
  • Drive
  • Wedding Website
  • URL Shortener
  • Bookmark
  • and more

For a Smart Search in Google

We can use Google for smart exact results for our queries. If you want to search for a file or document in Google title enough could not return desired results we must use Search Operators to get the best out of our search. Few queries are discussed here:
  • filetype: - type of file you are searching for like pdf, doc, mp3 Syntax: filetype:.pdf "search term"
  • intitle: - to return results for search term in title of content Syntax: intitle:"search term"
  • inurl: - to return results for search term in url Syntax: inurl:"search term"

More Smart Search in Google

Here is an infographic having smart search operator highlighted for college students easy use of Search Engine.(View Image in a new tab for better view)

Google Search Operators
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For more Search related resource complete the Power Searching with Google course offered by Google.