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Welcome back to my blog once again!

I hope you may have learned Google - Smart Search through our first post

There may be a lot more to know about Google and search engine...

Social Media

Today, we will find something about Social media

why because
 Internet users around the world is 2.4 billion (as per recent report)
 Social media users around the world is 1.47 billion(after evolution of social sites)
 Social networking sites has a rapid growth since its evolution.


Firstly, I would like to share about twitter(My most preferable networking site than facebook, let me tell the reason in upcoming posts)



Twitter Logo
Twitter Logo

Twitter is a social networking site as well as a micro-blogging service. It sends and receives message in terms of 'tweets', which has only 140 characters.

It was created in March 2006 and launched in July 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass, based in San Francisco.

In 2012, it recorded around 500 million registered users. And, 340 Million tweets posted everyday.

Profile Design

Use a square sized head-shot for a profile pic. 520*260 px cover photo image size. 160 character limit to describe about yourself. Your location and your website/blog/linkedin link to know more about your work. That's it in the profile section.

Twitter Profile
Twitter Profile

Follow Everyone & Anyone

Twitter allows there users to connect anyone around the world, this would be the special feature in twitter.

You can follow any famous personalities:
political leaders like Narendra Modi(@narendramodi), Obama(@BarackObama) and film industry persons like Amita Bachchan(@SrBachchan), Sharuk Khan(@iamsrk), Venkat Prabhu(@dirvenkatprabhu) and sports personality like MS Dhoni(@msdhoni) and more celebrities...

Unlike any other social networking sites, every following tweets will be reached to your dashboard.


Twitter uses handle something like this @maddymadhava to every registered users. This can be used to contact others in their tweets and make a conversation to their favorite person.

A remarkable feature is #hashtag. Any text without space prefixed with # is known as Hashtag. This would something like your tweets header/title. Also, it can be used for conversation of sharing opinion to something that you like/dislike. The importance of hashtag has reached to other social media sites like facebook, google+ is from here...

Few common/related buttons found here are retweet(share), favorite(like)

The Game Changer

In recent years, social network sites make outstanding changes in environment, society, country... Trending Topics feature will showcase the hotspot happenings among the witter users. It may be a recent cricket record, party news/views, celebrity and movie releases, contests ...

In upcoming weeks,a new design change will be taken place in twitter profile!

And, that's up for today!

Common friends lets join twitter and share your thoughts and make the change.....

Note: Since it is a social networking site mostly for social, society, cause and for sharing personal opinion. Not for selfies. Every site has some niche...