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Searching the Web - Job Tip for Web Search Analysts

Seeking job skills is unpredictable these days. Every skills in every position are updated day to day and very new skills were initiated. I'm writing this post to aware the fresh job seekers to develop their skills for a web related search positions like Web research analyst.

I have written a post on Search Factor which almost deals the same concept. Here I have focused to convey the clear cut skill required for such positions.

I think this might be helpful for everyone who are searching for a job and for those who are working in the industry.

Webmaster Academy Teaches Website Owners Useful Tips

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Today, I would like to share my experience and what I have learned through Webmaster Academy.

Webmaster Academy is been launched last week the search engine giant Google.

The course suggests the users on how to create a website and to consider their visitor needs through Google Guidelines & webmaster tips.
It starts with the website creation. It has 3 considerations to consider i.e., website name, registrar & hosting provider.

Google Analytics to Measure your Business Performance

Google and many top  search engines offer a special and a well deserved product to their business/website owners - Analytics tool to monitor their website performance and make reports to improve their marketing process.

This analytics tool allows the users to know every factor that his/her website impacts to their customer needs. It prepares report collectively in the users' analytics dashboard to understand the website performance. It traces the traffic to the site, traffic sources, new/returning visitor, avg. page time views, and many more...

Based on these reports, website owner can analysis the business performance among the online users. From these report, he can change/include his marketing strategies to improve the website performance among their potential customers.

Yahoo! A Better Competitor in Search Engine

The word Search Engine would result to a top provider Google for many in the world. But, it has also various competitor to their services.

Today, we have gonna check the auspicious competitor i.e., YAHOO!

Yahoo! Inc., a globally known Search Engine head quartered in Sunnyvale, CA. It has providing many useful services like business Directory, mail services, answers(Forum), finance, groups, NEWS, etc... to their users. It receives around 700 Million visits every month.

It was founded by Jerry Yang & David Filo in 1994. Yahoo stands for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle" It covers around more than half a billion consumers in 30 languages every month.

Facebook - Personal Sharing Social Media Site

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This week I would like to share about Facebook and its related topics

Facebook a leading Social Media Networking site, which has 1.23 Billion active users till 31'st of Dec'13. Its value has raised over $134 Billion past January'14, which has celebrated its 10'th anniversary recently.