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This week I would like to share about Facebook and its related topics


Facebook Logo
Facebook Logo
Facebook.com a leading Social Media Networking site, which has 1.23 Billion active users till 31'st of Dec'13. Its value has raised over $134 Billion past January'14, which has celebrated its 10'th anniversary recently.


Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes from Harvard University in 2004. Initially it was limited to the students of Harvard University. Later, it can be accessed by Boston area college students and now those who are 13 and above years of age can able to register online and use it anywhere.

Profile Design

You can be allowed to use any kind of pictures in the Facebook timeline & for profile photo. No gifs are allowed. A perfect timeline cover photo must be 851*315 pixels in size and the profile picture should be square sized image(Say 150*150 pixels).


Every user can be allowed to post their status update, share photos, create events and play games in apps section. The site restricts them to friend others outside their location (by default).

Also, it allows to chat with their Facebook friends instantly with Facebook messenger on site and through mobile apps.

As it is one of the big social networking site which has initiated social marketing for business and helps business, brands to promote and reach their potential customers easily.

Business Fan Page- Game Changer

Facebook allows their business owners to create their own pages in their site to promote their brands among their customers. It varies from  local page, products/brand, celebrity fan page, etc...

Facebook Fan Page
Adidas Facebook Fan Page

Users must like the pages which are favorite to their wish, to receive the latest updates from them. It may be a celebrity fan page, shopping site fan page, etc... And, they are allowed to share, like & comment to post they wish.

Information gathered while registering an account can be used to promote the business/brands which are related to users' interest in their Newsfeeds. So that the users get integrate with their favorite brands/celebrity through fan pages. The business section of Facebook through this would be discussed in upcoming post....

Competition Handling

As the competition in social media increases every site adds their competitor best features in their site to stay connected with the users. Trending Post is the latest inclusion in Facebook which were famous feature from Twitter and Google+.

Previously, #hashtags were included in the features to get user benefit in their profile and connections i.e., friends

While celebrating 10'th anniversary this year, whatsapp purchase makes their FB users even closer with the social networking.

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