Google Analytics to Measure your Business Performance

Google and many top  search engines offer a special and a well deserved product to their business/website owners - Analytics tool to monitor their website performance and make reports to improve their marketing process.

This analytics tool allows the users to know every factor that his/her website impacts to their customer needs. It prepares report collectively in the users' analytics dashboard to understand the website performance. It traces the traffic to the site, traffic sources, new/returning visitor, avg. page time views, and many more...

Based on these reports, website owner can analysis the business performance among the online users. From these report, he can change/include his marketing strategies to improve the website performance among their potential customers.

Analytics Code to Measure Performance

To get this report every website should include a unique Analytics code in their website <head> tag. This code will traces the user activity in your website like page views, avg. page visit duration and check whether your goal in your website is attained by the user.

Making decisions to improve the performance based on the Analytics Report needs some understanding about the Analytics dashboard.

Google Analytics Certification Course

Google offers a certification course to handle the Analytics dashboard and customize it to their marketing needs. Its the Google Analytics IQ Certificate. Those who has the certificate can able to analyse the performance effectively and prepare report, improves the marketing process. Its a need for every Digital Marketer. The course teaches about the platforms, customization tips, etc...

Google Academy

Google periodically offers a special events to all who needs to know more about Google & to assist them to effectively use it.

Recently, they paves the way to understand the Analytics Platform procedure that traces the Website performance in Google Academy. The course provides Certification for successful completion with 80% credential during the course. This does not provide you the IQ Certification but this course will help you to get the IQ Certificate.

This Analytics Platform course teaches the user to understand the use of analytics code among various platforms like website, apps & other digital components. Also, describes its working principles on how and what it traces when your products is used by a visitor. It explains its Data Model to understand its performance to prepare reports for user convenient to analyse the performance in the dashboard.

Along with this course, you can learn the fundamentals of Analytics course without certification for this season(may be available in some other season). And these 2 course will help every analyst to gain the IQ Certification.

I hope this would help to many!

Here is my Certification for Analytics Platform Principles

Google Analytics Platform Principles Certificate
Google Analytics Platform Principles Certificate

Note: This certification cannot be used for qualification requirements but can be added in your profile.