Yahoo! A Better Competitor in Search Engine

The word Search Engine would result to a top provider Google for many in the world. But, it has also various competitor to their services.

Today, we have gonna check the auspicious competitor i.e., YAHOO!

Yahoo! Inc., a globally known Search Engine head quartered in Sunnyvale, CA. It has providing many useful services like business Directory, mail services, answers(Forum), finance, groups, NEWS, etc... to their users. It receives around 700 Million visits every month.

It was founded by Jerry Yang & David Filo in 1994. Yahoo stands for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle" It covers around more than half a billion consumers in 30 languages every month.

Yahoo! Logo
Yahoo! Logo

Yahoo! Products

The search engine has various products to attract their users. Here few of the products were described.


It was the Yahoo's first service which offers open free directory for business listings. Paid subscription is also available to offer expedited reviews to the listings in their site. It is again a search engine for listings.


Free mail service was offered in 1997, it is the Third largest mail service provider in Dec'2011, which has 281 Million Users as of 2011 comscore report.

Has storage capacity of 1 TB. Account would expire if it remains in active for 6 months + 2 months, each year - we can retrieve the account but not the stored data like emails, attachments, etc... after the recovery.


In 2005, Yahoo! acquired the image & video hosting website created by Ludicorp in 2004. Users can share & embed personal images and effective tool for bloggers, photographers and to embed images in social media sites.

From March, 2014, Yahoo stop letting their users to access to this photo sharing site using Google and Facebook credential. It instruct their users to sign up for an yahoo account to access the free image site. It will help yahoo to get more users to their account!

Yahoo! Screen

Formerly known as Yahoo! Video. Video sharing service for Yahoo users to upload and share videos. Its again a search engine for videos.

Yahoo! Answers

It previously known as Y! Q & A. Its a community & knowledge based question & answer site. Its a replacement for Ask Yahoo, discontinued in 2006! Any yahoo user can create questions and can answer to any queries here. Its been available in 12 languages.

A single Yahoo account can allow their users to access all the features and products for free...