Microsoft Bing - A Search Engine Changing the life with Smart Phones

Bing a leading search engine from the Microsoft Network. It was previously known for Live Search, Windows Live search, MSN search.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled Bing on 28th May, 2009 and released on 01st June'09. Recently, Satya Nadella has been designated as CEO. They are working to update back-end search infrastructure to deliver fast and relevant search results to their users. Every year they are updating their User Interface, design and features...

Microsoft Bing Logo

A ten year deal was made between Yahoo! and Microsoft in 2009, in which Yahoo! Search Engine would be replaced by Bing with some benefits and Yahoo! search would have featured with "Powered By Bing" branding.

Bing uses daily changing background picture with the most noteworthy places around the world, animals, birds, sports too...

Frequently, it integrates features from the top internet leaders likes, Hotmail, Facebook, Apple & Windows 8

Bing is a featured search engine in windows smart phones. And, recently microsoft has announced its latest PC and mobile phone update from windows 8 with Windows 8.1 and will be available in the coming months.

Avail free Windows 8.1 update on Windows store on April 8th,2014

Here is the link to download Microsoft8.1 update for free