Twitter Modifies Profile Timeline Soon....

Twitter soon modifies its user profile design again after a recent change in the last 3 months. This time with more attractive view for the viewers...

The new design uses a huge cover photo a bit more than the facebook cover photo. Includes counters for photos,videos, favourites & menu for replied tweets too.

New Twitter Timeline Design
New Twitter Timeline Design

Also, your top tweets would be highlighted with bold text no worry for the visitors to check your top tweets.

Your tweets will be viewed like viewing a news-feed in Facebook. But, its a pretty cool change expected without sponsored ads in between it for now and may be in future too... And, there would not be a expand option in tweets so it will be helpful for the tweets with summary, photos & videos to reach among the followers.

Here are the few beta twitter new timeline profiles for some famous celebrities...

The First Lady @flotus - Michelle Obama's profile maintained by First Lady Office
Cortana @cortanalive - Windows 8.1 Update's character profile