Get a Google Adwords Certification for Free

I have requested suggestion from members of Linkedin Group to get Google Adwords Certification. And, some great informations were gathered and provided here as my one of the best information sharing.

I'm writing this post as per a request from Colleague who needs to get certification from Google Adwords.

Google Adwords
Google Adwords

Avail Cost Free Adwords Certification with Google Partners

To avail the cost free Certification one might have to join the Google Certification Program(GCP).

Register an account as an individual here:

*Adding a company profile is optional. Kindly read the guidelines before starting the program and while attempting for the exam.

Its okay for those who are attempting for individual certification without including company profile. But, without including company in the program the certification value would be incomplete.

Add Your Company with Google Partners Account

To add your company profile
  • Click My Profile -> Company Affiliation
  • Select from Existing listing of companies or create a new profile.
  • While creating a new profile be sure to allow access to your company MMC with your mail.
  • Link the Google+ business page with the account.
  • Your profile is created and waiting for your website admin's approval.
  • Once it is accepted you will be affiliated with your company.

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Check the link for assistance while learning for Adwords - Online Training Classroom for Adwords

Check the link for Adwords Community -

Some Informations to Mention

Creating campaigns without certification is at your own risk. Certification will helps you to reduce costs and share great tips for campaign creations.

If you could not make the exam well. You can try it for free after 7 days from your previous exam.

Here is the sample Adwords Certification found in internet

Your certification is valid even if you have shifted the company you have registered with adwords account.

The fundamentals Certification will last for 2 years and advanced search and the reporting and Analytics will last 1 year.

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