Google Updates - Which Meant To What? Thing to consider doing SEO

Well, its been so long writing post here....

Today, I would like to share about the GOOGLE UPDATES - Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and more...

Google Updates

It is the change in the search algorithm, search filters to refine better results to display to their users. The search engine giant works on changing the algorithms and releases it as a major update or as a refresh every few months and for years.

Panda Update

A search filter update, which restricts the website appearing in search results having a thin/poor/low quality content and followed link farm technique. The latest release was Panda 4.1

Penguin Update

The search algorithm update that blocks the website which has followed buying links, questionable tactics and through spamming to attain ranking in search results.

An update might have been released this Saturday. Before that the latest release was Penguin 2.1

HummingBird Update

The search algorithm update to return fast and reliable results to the user queries.

Top Heavy Load Update

Website design which possess heavy advertisement in their screen resolution website space and the related website information under the scrolling page hit by this kind of update. This means that usage of advertisements on the top design page should not be followed without having website related info in the first view of the page.

Pirate Update

An update to take action against the websites violating the copyright issues.

Pigeon Update

An algorithm update for local search results in map searches.

How to find I'm hit by an update?

For that check with the traffic graph from the day the update has released till a few days or a week. If you find a drop in traffic then you are one of the victim.

And, the algorithm updates are taken automatically be search engine. So, the effect that your website attained can be resolved when you clean up your website with the related causes and wait for the next release of an update or a refresh.

Find below the tips for Major Google Updates - Panda & Penguin