Google Tests Mobile Site Content Indexing For All Search Rankings

Google has started testing on indexing from mobile version of your content for its ranking signals, when you don’t have a mobile version it uses the desktop version.

Mobile searches are increasing than the desktop searches:

Why because, it sees that there are more mobile searches than the desktop on a daily basis. The current method of webpage evaluation for ranking is based on only the desktop version. So, with this new mobile content indexing Google decides the rank of websites in mobile and desktop searches.

If a website doesn’t have a mobile content, it eventually considers the desktop content to rank it. So, a responsive website gets the most beneficiary with this new update.

Google says that this is in experiment mode only and it will continue over the months coming. When this has been launched officially then user friendly websites be ranked across all the platforms.

Get benefit from it:

If you have a responsive website, where its content and markup are equivalent in both mobile and desktop, then there are no worries.

If you have a different content and markup across mobile and desktop, then do the following:
  • Provide structured markup for mobile and desktop website versions.
  • Avoid using large amount of markup that is not relevant to specific information.
  • Verify that the mobile website is accessible to Googlebot in robots.txt testing tool.

And, finally the desktop and mobile sites are to be verified in Google search console.

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