Multiple URL Opener - Bulk Web Page Opener

Multiple URL Opener

Use this free web tools to open a multiple list of URLs at the same time in your Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers. Each entered URLs opens in a new tab, so you can easily navigate between the pages by CTRL+Tab buttons.

Paste the URLs in the field below and click “Open Links” button.


Opening huge number of links at a time using the tool consumes some time to load all the pages in the browser and to make it available to use. For slow connection network, it still takes much more time to load the pages in the browser tabs.
Need Help? - Try using these options

Please change the settings in your browser to allow the tool to open all the URLs in the browser tabs as given below:

For Chrome:

Open Chrome Menu à Select “Settings” à Click “Show Advanced Settings…
Under “Privacy” heading open “Content Settings…
In the popup window locate the “Pop-Ups” section à Click “Manage Exceptions…” button

Fill the following:
Hostname pattern :
Behavior : Allow

Then, Click Done.

For Internet Explorer:

Open Tools  Select “Pop-Up Blocker” à Click “Pop-Up Blocker Settings
Add under the “Address of the Website to allow:” and Click “Add” and then click “Close”

For Firefox:

Click Firefox menu à Select “Options”.
Then, Click “Content” and under the “Pop-ups” section Click “Exceptions” button.
Add then click Allow button and click Save Changes.