Things That You Should Know About Extended Text Ads

Things That You Should Know About Extended Text Ads

1. What is Expanded Text Ads are?

Expanded Text Ads are 2 times bigger than current Google text ads. This new ad updates are designed to maximize your presence and performance on mobile search results with an extra-long headline and a bigger description.

Expanded Text ads will show across all devices – desktop and mobile – and will wrap automatically based on device where the ads get show.

2. Why Google launched this update?

Google claims that this the biggest change to text ads since Ad-Words launched 15 years ago.

Several months ago, Google conducted a survey, where more than half of the millions and millions of searches conducted on Google per year are done via a mobile device.

Google's first move to launch the ETA (Extended Text Ads) on February when they removed right side ads on desktop. To give the ads more relevant to the search terms and to increase the business perspective this update was launched

3. How Much Bigger Are These Expanded Ads?

Expanded text ads are 2 times bigger from regular Ad-Words text ads.
We now have a total of 140 characters length of ad copy space to use, making the end ot the current 25-35-35 limits.

So we can make all those extra characters count to create an eye-catching and emotional ads that searchers can't resist to clicking on the ads that get in the SERP of Google.

4. What Do The New Expanded Text Ads Look Like?

Here's is a sample of before and after of what the ads will look like on mobile and desktop:

Expanded Text Ad example

And here's what Expanded Text Ads will look like in the Ad Words interface:

Expanded Text Ad example

5. How Much Are Headlines Expanding?

Advertisers now have two 30 - character headlines by the time when Expanded Text Ads become available later this year.

Advertisers currently are limited to a 25-character headline in the standard ads.

Which means our headlines will soon increase by 140 character length!

6. How Much Will Descriptions Expand?

Advertisers currently are limited to two 35-character description lines in the current ads 
Now, Advertisers will have one 80-character description line.
Which makes the description to make about 14% more than the standard.

7. What's Changing With Display URLs?

Now this new Update will make Ad-Words to automatically fetch the domain name from the final URL.
We, Advertisers can then add up to two paths (Keywords) to boot the display URL (we can use up to 15 characters).

8. Will This Improve CTR?

Increase in texts in the ads means greater visibility in the search result. Early some agencies claims that Expanded Text Ads are seeing CTR increase by as much as 20% when compared to the current standard ads.
At our site we’ve observed a CTR increase by around 12%, this was done by adding ad or call extensions to mobile text ads, so expect increasing the character counts of headlines and description will eventually result in more clicks.

9.  When Will the New Ads goes live? 

Google had not officially revealed when all advertisers will get access to Expanded Text Ads.
As of now, Expanded Text Ads are available to all advertisers. Google has announced that it will remove out the old standard ad format on January 31, 2017. We must transition all ads to the ETA format by that date.

10. What Should We Do To Prepare for Expanded Text Ads?

Increase the Quality Scores of your Ads. Quality Score is one of the most important metric in the Google Ad Words account, but now it's going to be more important after the ETA update.

Many Businesses which occupy the top spots will now take up the most valuable spot on ads which doesn’t carry good Quality score will fall below anywhere below position 2 or 3 on result page.

Additionally, we’ve got a lot of ad text optimization ahead of We will need to make sure our text ads are all re-written to take advantage of this new format of ads. Google is giving us 2 times bigger space with Expanded Text Ads – so be ready to use it for more business, ROI and CTR.