Use These Schema Markup And Structured Data In Websites In Their Peak Season

Use These Schema Markup And Structured Data In Websites In Their Peak Season

Since the festive season has begun already, it is important to let the Google Search Engine know your website more about your business and content. Schema Structured data can help you to achieve this.

Schema Markup can help increase search engines to understand your website and also it enhances the search visibility in SERP by rich snippets, Knowledge Graph results etc...,

We also know that Google considers the Structured Data Markup as one of the ranking factor. So by implementing schema markup on your website is really good to get better ranking.

Below are the few Schemas that should be used in your website.

General Schema Markup

Organization Schema Markup

To increase the brand awareness and to enhance the Knowledge Graph entry of your website in SERP, Organization schema has to be used.

It is important to use the Brand logo and social media profiles in the Schema. Organization schema markup impacts Knowledge Graph

WebSite Schema Markup

This markup displays site name in the search results. It is only available if your website is having internal search box. It also generates Sitelinks search box option for brand SERPs. 

Breadcrumb List Markup

It allows you to mark up the breadcrumbs on your site generate breadcrumb rich snippets for your pages in the SERPs.

Site Navigation Schema Markup

This helps search engines’ to understand your site structure and navigation and it can also be used to influence organic sitelinks.

E-Commerce Schema Markup

Product & Offer Schema Markup

The Product and Offer Schema markups can help product information to appear in the SERPs - price and status information also be visible. The Offer markup is required in order for the price to appear in Google SERPs.

Schema Rating Markup

A local business website and E-Commerce website can use a Rating schema. The multiple ratings for a product item have to be averaged together to produce an aggregate rating, then AggregateRating schema has to be used. This is shown as a star rating rich snippets in SERPs. 

This is a five point scale where 1-5 scale rates the product as 1 the least and the 5 the high rated.

Local Business Sites Schema Markup

Local Business Markup Schema

To impact local business listings, LocalBusiness and PostalAddress schema has to be used. Brick and mortar locations can be marked up in this schema. These schemas can be used to indicate your physical address, opening hours, payment types accepted and more.

The recent update in Google tells that, the Local Business Schema should include  with an Image & a pricerange data fields in it.

Recipe Schema Markup

Recipe Schema

Recipe rich snippets are available in SERP when this has implemented in the websites.

The only required property in this schema is the “name”. But, Google requires at least two of the following properties  to show up the rich snippets in SERP.
At least one of prepTime, cookTime, totalTime or ingredients.
  • Image
  • NutritionInformation
  • Review

To test and monitor your Schema and Structured Data Markup use the below Schema testing tool: