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Ways to Motivate Shoppers - Who Research Online to Buy Products

Ways to Motivate Shoppers - Who Research Online to Buy Products
Shopper do a research on products based on any one or all of the following:
By searching in search enginesBy comparing products and its pricesBy reading user reviews to the productsBy visiting multiple online stores to that productBy reading the product description, feature and specifications Around 81% of shoppers research online before they proceed with the product checkout.

WhatsApp New Feature to Edit Sent Messages

WhatsApp New Feature to Edit Sent Messages
WhatsApp is reportedly getting the coolest feature:
That a user can recall a sent messages from his/her message box.

The Facebook-owned messaging service is testing a new feature that will allow its users to 'recall' the sent messages as well as edit it.

New Facebook Page Layout - Account Setup, Content & Analytics

Facebook New Page Layout Changes
Recently, Facebook has changed the page layout. These changes are alike skin deep and make your page a fresh look wit this new layout changes. Follow these highlighted changes in your Facebook account.

Account Follow these account settings to make your visitor effectively connected with your page:
Page Name The most important part of your page. Use the exact name of your business. If your Facebook page name is slightly inconsistent then Google might not recognize your page and your social score to the website may get decreased. Use the same business name in all your social platforms to gain more social benefits in Google.