New Facebook Page Layout - Account Setup, Content & Analytics

Facebook New Page Layout Changes

Recently, Facebook has changed the page layout. These changes are alike skin deep and make your page a fresh look wit this new layout changes. Follow these highlighted changes in your Facebook account.


Follow these account settings to make your visitor effectively connected with your page:

Page Name

The most important part of your page. Use the exact name of your business. If your Facebook page name is slightly inconsistent then Google might not recognize your page and your social score to the website may get decreased. Use the same business name in all your social platforms to gain more social benefits in Google.

Descriptions and Links

Add a short description, a long description and an Impressum about your page or business. These interesting description will “hook” the visitors to stay at your page. Also, add your other social links along with the domain URL.

Profile Picture and Cover Photos

These visuals help your audiences to stay on your page by viewing your crisp Profile picture and Cover photo. These would result a bounce, if it is not inviting or not the representing the purpose of your page to the potential viewers.

How to do these?

Make sure that the cover photo is meaningful and of high-quality. Experiment the pictures by highlighting the products and seasonal promotions. If one or both of these images look grainy and not sharp enough, spend time driving this visual element of your page home. Make your page more detail in the cover page itself. But, never overdo the texts in the cover photo. This helps more useful to the followers and new users.

Then, add the cover photo description and a call to action to promotions with a relevant link.

Posts visuals and Photos

Select the best visuals to fit in your brand and products and is the best representation in digital experience.  Use seasonal pictures like Winter, Autumn, Christmas & New Year to make it lively. Now you can add less than 300 sec GIF image as your profile picture.


Events helps you to connect with the community outside the Facebook too. This helps reach popularity and increases attendance to your events. You can use it for scheduled hangouts, chats and Q&A sessions or creating an event for promotions and sale.

How this helps you?

After you have invited people to an event, they will be updated every time you post an update in your page. This will engage your followers with your page frequently.


Follow the below content or post updates to connect with the followers:

Posting Consistency

It is important to post on Facebook consistently. Based on your post frequency the Facebook Page Edge Rank increases and thus resulting in increased organic reach for your posts. And, post quality content in your page. The best option is posting 5 updates in a day would also be good, You can also use auto publishing apps like Buffer & Hootsuite etc.., based on your audience and their availability. 

Variety of Formats

Post and experiment with variety of formats to engage people. Use the one which engages the most The posts that your audience loves repeat it to increase their interest on your page. 

It could be a video or an image. Make them to engage on your content. Or it is a link to your blog content or from other trusted sources. Repeat the kind of a post that your audience is loving -seasonal offers, discounts, fun, image, videos, events, etc.., 


Use the Facebook Analytics to read your posts reach, audience behavior and many more...


Facebook statistics are a great way to see what truly works and what doesn’t. Statistics give your post the reach and the popularity. It may be a video post that went viral or a link that your audience liked the most. See which format creates most engagement and helps you to create more on it to keep engaged with your page.

View your active audience report, post reach rate, their behavior and the other insights.