Ways to Motivate Shoppers - Who Research Online to Buy Products

Ways to Motivate Shoppers - Who Research Online to Buy Products

Shopper do a research on products based on any one or all of the following:

  • By searching in search engines
  • By comparing products and its prices
  • By reading user reviews to the products
  • By visiting multiple online stores to that product
  • By reading the product description, feature and specifications
Around 81% of shoppers research online before they proceed with the product checkout.

60% of consumers start researching on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. before heading to any online shopping website.

61% of consumers reads product reviews before making the purchase in the site.

On an average, at least 3 online stores are browsed by the consumers before they are making any purchase.

Consumers search for the following to a product while they are in an online store:

  • Warranty Information - 66% consumers searches this
  • Model Information - 51% consumers views this
  • Sales & Discounts
  • Shipping Information
  • Pricing - 52% buyers check this
  • Payment Information - 47% shoppers check this
  • Availability of the product

A few reasons why these consumer's research doesn't lead to any conversions

Returning Products

69% of buyers feel that returning the purchased products is complicated.

Missing the real buying experience

54% of shoppers wants the "touch and feel" the product before purchasing it.

Shipping Costs

Websites which doesn't offer free shipping loses the conversions. Around 61% of buyers leave the websites, if it is having a shipping costs to the purchase.

Delivery Options

51% of buyers doesn't like to wait for the items to be received.

Credit Card & Payment Method Fraud

6 out of 10 online buyers are concerned about the online transaction security.

How to convert the visitors to buyers?

By Search Engine Optimization

Research the keywords that your prospects used to search for in the search engines.

Use those keywords in the website page title, description and in content.

Optimize the content in the website

Use the social sharing and encourage users to use it.

Move to the top of the search results.

Attract Researchers

By highlighting products' discounted prices
Free shipping.

Showcase Shoppers about the Product highlights & Features.

Clear product description helps consumers to know about products.

Provide high level product overviews and information.

Use your customer reviews

  • Encourage customer reviews
  • Create a complete Buying Experience to the consumers
  • Use high quality product images
  • Use videos of the products in the pages
  • Use multiple angle product images
  • Enable product image zooming feature

Product Comparison Feature

  • Provide easy cart editing to the consumers
  • Easy navigation between the similar products
  • In-site product comparison
  • Provide consistent product information

Providing Professional Shopping Experience to the Consumers

Offer live support - chat, voice & mail and 24X7 if available.

Having a well defined shipping and return policy of the products.

Easy product return or exchange policy.

Multiple payment options(EMI, COD, Credit, Debit, Internet Banking).

Offering same day or next day delivery of products.

Displaying payment security certificates & secured website certificate.