WhatsApp New Feature to Edit Sent Messages

WhatsApp New Feature to Edit Sent Messages

WhatsApp is reportedly getting the coolest feature:

That a user can recall a sent messages from his/her message box.

The Facebook-owned messaging service is testing a new feature that will allow its users to 'recall' the sent messages as well as edit it.

This new feature is available in the new latest version of the WhatsApp application for iOS. This also have included with the "ChangeLog" feature to those messages.

Some other additional changes that we expect are:
  • Some internal improvements were updated that allows to manage WhatsApp groups better.
  • Added to that there is a new possibility to mute a status (already added in Android).
  • Improvements to play audio.
  • You can edit messages that you have already sent.
  • Also, you can able to revoke sent messages in the new version of WhatsApp
  • Finally, many improvements are made for the backup feature of the app.