WhatsApp Security Feature is Changed - Enable To Secure Your Account

WhatsApp Security Feature is Changed - Enable To Secure Your Account

Facebook's WhatsApp has introduced a major security update in its users settings. Now, you should take advantage of it as soon as you can.

The app's officially added a security support is the two-step verification, which prevents someone else from activating your account with your phone number without a six-digit passcode received in this new verification system.

This new security feature, is now started rolling out to WhatsApp's iOS, Android and Windows apps.

How to enable the Two-Step Verification?

Open WhatsApp's go to Settings —> Account —> Two-step verification —> Enable to activate.

Then, the app will ask you to provide your email id and to set up a six-digit passcode.

Is your mail id mandatory?

It is not necessary to provide your email address, but if you didn't, you will find difficult to access your WhatsApp account when you forget your passcode.

(WhatsApp says it will prompt you to enter your WhatsApp passcode "periodically" in order to help you remember it)

How it protects your account?

When someone set up your account, he will not be able to verify your phone number without providing the passcode.

Important Note: The WhatsApp's two-step verification can be disabled within the app without a passcode. So your account could still be compromised, if your phone is misused by someone. But the update should help you lock things down in case someone tries to hijack it from afar.